P.E., Health & Wellbeing Curriculum


We believe that PE helps children to develop a sense of well-being, a greater understanding of healthy lifestyles and deepens feelings of self-confidence. We also believe that it teaches children, through experience, to know about the value and benefit of physical activity whilst at school and throughout life. PE lessons should cater for individual abilities and group skills in a progressive programme. The skills we hope children will develop through PE include: co-ordination, strength, stamina, skillfulness, spatial awareness and a desire to perform to their best abilities.


Our aim is to deliver active, holistic cross-curricular P.E. lessons so our children develop a love for learning whilst also becoming healthier, happier and more productive, both in and out of the classroom.  


As a school we provide the children with two hours of physical activity each week and all children are encouraged to be actively involved in these sessions. (Children with physical challenges are supported to achieve their own goals). We also ensure we provide the children with opportunities to share their feelings in weekly circle time. All children are encouraged to contribute at their own level.

Health and Safety

Children are encouraged to take their own safety and the safety of other children into consideration whilst participating in P.E. lessons or clubs. Children are required to wear suitable clothing for P.E. and teaching staff should wear comfortable clothing and shoes when teaching P.E. The school policy is that children should not wear any jewellery whilst participating in any physical activity.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our school provides a range of lunch time and after school P.E. related activities, including High 5 netball, football, athletics, tag rugby, dance and running. These clubs further encourage children to develop their skills and develop teamwork and cooperation. We enter many KS1 and KS2 competitions to provide the children with opportunities for healthy competition and to practise skills they have learnt during P.E. sessions.


Please view our PE, Health and Wellbeing policy for further information.


PE and Sport Premium Funding

September 2017

The Government wants the Sports Funding to be used in a way so that physical education (PE) in primary schools is improved by: increasing participation, involving the least active, improving resources and improving how PE is taught. The funding can also be used to promote a healthier lifestyle. It is hoped that the funding will leave a legacy, once the funding has been withdrawn, of healthier and fitter children who are more interested in sporting activities.

Hungerford Primary Academy received £9760 funding to support to development of PE/sport/health in the academic year September 2016 to July 2017.

How we spent the funding

In 2016 -17 Hungerford Primary Academy spent the money in the following way:

  • Employed specialist sports coaches for all classes for a minimum of one term per class to work alongside teachers (September to July) to improve skills, knowledge of teaching of sports that staff expressed an interest in wanting to improve through the staff questionnaires and surveys (£7560)
  • Funded 1 teaching assistant to deliver ‘Change 4 Life’, a healthy eating/energy programme to targeted children from KS2 throughout the year (£300)
  • Funded staff costs for attendance at inter school competitions (£300)
  • Transport costs for tournaments and competitions (£400)
  • PE curriculum enhancement week in school that involved visitors from Ministry of Sport, Ultimate Frisbee, Ladyhawks, Weston CC with the additional purchase of equipment to support these areas (£500)
  • Mindfulness course (Pause Bee) for Miss Ikoku (£500)
  • New PE equipment including footballs, hockey sticks, balls, sports hall athletics equipment (£750)

Total Received: £9760

Total spent: £10310

What was the impact of the funding?

  • All teachers involved improved their knowledge, skills and understanding of particular sports which previously they felt less confident about teaching . The teachers also benefited from specialist advice and support from coaches over a sustained period of a minimum of one term throughout the year.
  • The funding for transport enabled an increased number of children to participate in local sports competitions.
  • Specific groups, including children from 5 years of age and the least active children, were identified and encouraged to take part in activities over a sustained period. Further advice on eating more healthily was also given as part of the ‘Change 4 Life’ programme delivered to children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
  • Due to more children taking part in high quality PE lessons and after school clubs, there was greater success for the school in local competitions. This was particularly in the Town Sports Athletics Competition which involved over 50 children and in which Hungerford came first place for their category.

In addition, Hungerford ran a very successful Sports Week in the Summer term which involved many external providers. Children tried a wide variety of activities throughout the week and more children tried alternative sporting activities.

Hungerford Primary Academy was awarded the Gold School Games Mark in the academic year 2016-2017.

PE Funding Focus for 2017-18

  • Continue funding Sports Coaching NorthWest for Years 1-6 for a minimum of 1 term per class.
  • To introduce specialised Sports Coaching by the Ministry of Sport (FizzyTots) for the Foundation aged children (All Preschool and Reception classes) for one lesson per week for the entire year.
  • Continue to target children who would benefit from additional exercise
  • Improve teacher knowledge and skills in specific areas relevant to individual needs and to ensure that all staff have the relevant qualifications to teach (particularly swimming)
  • Introduce Myavamen as a system to track and support children’s physical literacy levels and to aid teachers with planning and assessments
  • Once the building work has been completed with improved PE storage, there will be the opportunity to renew and replace old equipment.