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Computing Curriculum


When children leave Hungerford Primary Academy, we aim for them to be Digital Creators, Communicators and Citizens. They will see Computing as an integral aspect of all areas of their learning. They will have a broad set of skills to support and enhance their learning, therefore providing them with life skills in preparation for an ever-growing digital world.


Our aim is to ensure Computing is incorporated into all areas of the National Curriculum, in a variety of contexts, and that all pupils are extended in each area of the Computing Curriculum so that they reach their full potential. The children are encouraged to use their own initiative, imagination, reasoning and investigative skills to solve problems using ICT and to learn to work individually and collaboratively.

Computing at Hungerford Primary Academy

At Hungerford, we aim to provide the children with access to a wide range of Computing resources which are deployed throughout the school to maximise access. To enable regular and whole-class teaching of Computing, the children have access to laptops, classroom-based computers and class sets of tablets to support the cross-curricular nature of Computing. We also have a wide variety of other technology equipment, ranging from remote-controlled cars in the Foundation Stage, to wireless microscopes, Log boxes and Lego WeDo equipment, higher up the school. We subscribe to PurpleMash, an exciting and safe online environment where children can get involved in all sorts of creative projects to support their learning, and provide all the children with a log-in to use at home. Throughout the school, there are clear progressions from lesson to lesson and year to year.


We recognise computing offers particular opportunities for pupils with special educational needs, gifted and/or talented children, and /or children with English as an additional language. Computing can cater for the variety of learning styles which any given class of children may possess. Using Computing technologies can increase access to the curriculum and raise levels of motivation and self-esteem. We aim to maximise the use and benefits of Computing technologies as one of many resources to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential.

Internet Safety

Internet access is planned to enrich and extend learning activities. The school has acknowledged the need to ensure that all pupils are responsible and safe users of the internet and other communication technologies. Although the school offers a safe online environment through filtered internet access, we recognise the importance of teaching our children about online safety and their responsibilities when using communication technology. This forms part of studies in Computing. Please view our E-Safety Policy for further information how we safeguard children at Hungerford Primary Academy online.

Please view our Computing policy for more information.