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BTSA Guidelines

At Hungerford Primary Academy, we follow The National Curriculum 2014. We use a topic based structure as a mechanism for learning all areas of the curriculum. We think this is important because it allows teachers to make learning relevant and it encourages children to make links and apply learning. This application of learning is vital. Children learn basic skills and knowledge, and through interesting topics and contexts, they use what they know and can do. Interesting and stimulating topics also create  a base for children to take learning through to adulthood. We aim to create a lifelong learning habit.

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In addition to the National Curriculum, we know it’s important to add interesting contexts for learning. Visitors, experts and going on trips enhances and enriches the curriculum here at Hungerford. We also have a focus on outdoor learning which not only adds a different dimension to where we learn, it helps us to understand what and why we learn.

Outdoor learning and our fabulous climbing wall help teach our hidden curriculum. These are skills and qualities that we need to foster in our children in order to make a positive contribution in their learning but also in the wider world: resilience, commitment, effort, teamwork, courtesy, turn-taking, understanding, and empathy.

In an inclusive classroom, all children must have their need for personalised learning met. This includes those who are gifted, more able and talented in some way. They need to be given work that is suited to their specific needs and abilities. It is important that the skills and abilities of all children are recognised and developed in a supportive and caring environment.


English – Mrs C. Blackburn

The Arts – Miss A. Kennedy

Science – Mrs H. Sadler

P.E. – Mr T Capewell

Geography – Mr C Waters

History – Miss A Tomley

R.E. – Mrs J. Williams

PSHE – Miss C. Gray

Computing – Miss E. Holtham

Maths – Miss R. Owen

Outdoor Education – Miss S. Walker

EYFS – Mrs J. Williams

SEN – Miss R. Whiston

Assistant SEN – Miss S. Kinsella

Feel free to contact your child’s class teacher or the curriculum lead listed above for further information, if required.