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Preschool (Formerly Nursery)

We currently have morning, afternoon, and all day sessions available.


In Preschool,  Miss Kinsella is the Class Teacher.

Mrs Magee and Mrs Keegan work in Preschool as Teaching Assistants.

We operate an open-door policy, so if you have any questions or queries, please pop in to see us and have a chat. You can also email Miss Kinsella:

The Preschool classroom is located in the infant building and shares a playground with Reception children, which is accessed through entrance M from the Foundation playground.


A.M./P.M./All day Sessions

Although we still run two Preschool sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, we are also able to offer funded 30 hour places, where your child will stay all day.

Morning Session: Drop off at 8:45 Pick up at 11:45

Afternoon Session: Drop off at  12:10 Pick up at 3:10

Whole day Session: Drop off at 8:45 Pick up at 3:10



Autumn 1- All About Me

Autumn 2- Traditional Tales



All children take part in weekly (all day children) or fortnightly (morning/afternoon children) PE sessions. School PE kits are not required at the start of the school year as we will initially be practising taking shoes and socks on and off! When PE kits are required we will give you plenty of notice. PE kits consist of a t shirt, shorts/leggings and pumps (no laces please). It would be a big help if you could practise getting changed with your child at home.

The Great Outdoors

At Hungerford we really value the benefits of learning outdoors, and Preschool children will spend a lot of time outside in most weathers. Please make sure the children have a labelled, waterproof coat in school everyday and be prepared for the possible results of messy play! Please ensure children have a pair of named wellies and socks in a named carrier bag to be left in school. If you would like to send spare clothes in for the children should they need them please make sure they are also clearly labelled, and again, in a clearly labelled bag.


Although it seems like a long time away we are beginning to think about the transition into ‘Big school’ in September.  One of the focuses that we as a school have is on the importance of reading. We strongly believe that you as parents can have a massive impact on the progress your child makes in reading, even at this early stage. Whilst we give the children the chance to choose a new book in school once a week, reading books that they know gives them the opportunity to confidently retell stories and ask and answer questions about what is happening. In Reception, the children will change their reading books several times a week, so it would benefit the children to get into the habit of regularly sharing stories with you now. The main focus at the beginning of Reception is telling a story using just the pictures in a picture book which is what they do with reading books at the first level. Please make sure that children bring their bookbag with them each day with their book and reading record.


Tapestry Learning Journeys

Every child in the Foundation Stage at Hungerford has an online learning journey. This learning journey can now be accessed by school staff and a child’s own parents and is password protected. Passwords and login details have now been provided. The learning journey details any observations made by school staff or parents supporting an individual child’s development. Please ensure school has updated email addresses so that you get notifications when a new observation has been made.


Water Bottles

Water bottles should be brought into school each day. Please ensure that all bottles are named and contain water, only.

Preschool Letters Home:

Please keep an eye in your children’s bookbags for letters coming home as well as on this page.