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Year Four

In Year Four there are two classes, taught by Mrs R Martin, and Mr G Grainger. Please use the following email adderesses to contact the teachers: and

We are supported by Mrs Carman, who covers PPA for both classes.

Mrs Astbury, Mr Maloney, Miss Addis and Mrs Dyde also support in class.

The Year 4 classrooms are facing the junior playground and children enter and exit the building through Miss Tomley’s new classroom door.


Children need to have a P.E. kit in school which consists of a white or blue T-shirt, shorts and school pumps, plus joggers for cooler days.  However, starting on week.3, children will be using their P.E slot to go swimming at the Lifestyle Centre.  A letter will be sent home the first week of September, with further details.

A pair of Wellington boots should also be brought into school for Outdoor Education which is on alternative Monday afternoons.

Children need reading books and reading records in school every day. Reading books should be brought in school book bags and will be stored in classroom trays.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a large cloakroom and we cannot store rucksacks.  P.E bags should be used and book bags stored in trays. Water bottles are welcomed and be stored in class, where children can access them throughout the day.


Children are expected to read daily and we encourage comments (yours and theirs) to be made in reading records. Reading really is integral to your child’s learning so please do read at home.

Spellings are set for the half term and are tested weekly. Please encourage your child to practise every day.  There will be a short spelling task each week for children to complete using their groups’ spellings.


Our Autumn term topic is the Romans. All lessons will be based on the content/objectives outlined on the topic map below.  Where possible, lessons will be linked to our topic and an exciting trip planned for the first half term!

Year 4 Topic Web

Year 4 Spellings

Year 4 Red Group Spellings

What are we reading? 

Our reading and English lessons are based on the book: Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit.

We are practising using reading skills outlined by reading gems. We are asking lots of questions from different gem strands, using them to help us develop our understanding of the text. The document below shows each strand and examples of questions that you can ask your child about their book.  When reading at home, questioning your child will help to deepen their understanding of the text and prepare them for comprehension work at school.

KS2 Reading Gems

Letters Home

Swimming Letter

SPaG Glossary

Year 4 Chester Trip

Year 4 Welcome Meeting