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Year One

Year One Staff

Miss A Kennedy – Class teacher
Miss L Jolley – Class teacher
Mrs Lloyd – Phase Lead

If you wish to contact the class teachers, please use the following email addresses:

Year One classrooms are accessed via Entrance I (Bennett Close gate).

Year 1 Curriculum Map


Spring Term

Our second topic this year will be ‘Our Wonderful World!’ of which we will explore the continents of the world and its seas. We will learn about different climates and habitats and adaptations of animals. We will also explore classification within science and discover a variety of ways living things can be grouped and labelled

Summer Term

Our third topic this year will be ‘’A world of pure imagination!’ which will be our history topic looking at artefacts such as toys, buildings and food from the past and compare them to the present. We will be creating imaginative learning opportunities looking toys through time and space with the story “toys in space” and then we will be transported into a fairy-tale world to explore castles and who lived in them!  This will be a fun and exciting topic to complete in school together!

Year One Timetable

These need to be in school every day as the children have quiet reading time each day, with the opportunity to also change their reading book. We also listen to groups of children read each day and usually put letters home in their book bags so it is a good idea to check them daily too!


We encourage the children to leave their P.E. kits in school all half term in case there are any changes in the timetable. It is an expectation that children wear full PE kit for their lessons which include a blue Hungerford polo top with shorts and appropriate footwear for the activity.

School Dinners and Snack

All school dinners for KS1 are free. We encourage all children to have a water bottle in school every day so they can drink regularly. A snack of fresh fruit is available every morning break. Now, each day the children have the opportunity to buy a snack for 25p. Please bring money in in a named purse.

Year One Letters Home

A Topic web outlining what the children will be learning this term will be sent out termly with a list of useful vocabulary the children will learn that term.

If you have any information, queries, or just wish to share some news with your child’s class teacher, please contact them via email a telephone call can be arranged if necessary.  We will try to limit contact at drop offs and picks ups due to current government guidelines.