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At Hungerford Primary Academy we believe that learning should be a rewarding an enjoyable experience for all children. Through thematic teaching across the humanities curriculum, we aim to nurture children’s curiosity in a safe environment and to help them to understand their place in the world. Through encouraging children to ask questions, think critically and develop perspective and judgment, we seek to understand the underlying reasons for events and changes and to learn from the experiences of others, both past and present, to try to understand how we can improve our future.


Our aim is to give the children of our school an in-depth and accurate knowledge of the physical features and historical influences of both their local area and regions around the world. As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School and a member of the Global Learning Programme we emphasise the importance of respecting diversity, embracing differences and  seek to make our children ‘global citizens’, allowing them to make a positive contribution to an increasingly globalised world.


Within the foundation Stage at Hungerford, children study aspects of History and Geography as part of the Early Learning Goals, undertaking practical, skills-based activities that support their understanding of the world. Within Key Stage One and Two, our coverage of key events and skills within the Humanities subjects is governed by the National Curriculum.

The study of Religious Education follows the guidelines produced by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education and Cheshire East Agreed Syllabus, ensuring that all children are offered a wide and varied curriculum whilst at Hungerford.

Each year group follows an individual curriculum map which identifies the key areas of study across the Humanities subjects and these can be viewed here.


All children are encouraged to be actively involved in Humanities lessons. Diversity is valued and teaching is targeted to meet the needs of individual learners, with every effort made to provide materials which accurately represent genders, cultural and minority groups in past and modern societies. Where possible, a range of physical artefacts such as videos, pictures, music, images, ICT equipment or computer software are used in lessons so as to encourage active participation and engagement in the subjects and enable access to information in a range of formats for the diverse range of needs of individual learners.

View our Humanities Policy here.

At Hungerford we use the Discovery RE scheme, which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum, as a basis for discussions around the beliefs and practices in different religions and the children’s own beliefs. Christianity is taught each year and Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism are reflected upon and build on children’s learning in a progressive way.

The children say “We learn about what people do and what they believe and I talk to my friends about what I believe. ”

Upcoming dates

Humanities week – week commencing 6th November

Shoeshare appeal launch – 6th November

Year 3 Stone Age visit to Burwardsley- 22nd November