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Maths Curriculum


At Hungerford Primary Academy, we teach Maths from Foundation to Year Six following the White Rose Maths Hub Scheme of Work. We are very grateful to White Rose for yearly overviews as it allows teachers to plan to teach children through a mastery approach, ensuring the correct coverage of objectives within each year group. These objectives relate to the National Curriculum 2014 and support children with their end of key stage assessments.

As part of each overview, a significant amount of time is devoted to developing key number concepts each year. This ensures students build their fluency as number sense will affect their success in other areas of mathematics. Students who are successful with number are much more confident mathematicians.We have an emphasis on children using concrete and pictorial resources to support their learning within mathematics, building knowledge and understanding to apply these skills within problem solving and reasoning activities.

All children in the school enjoy 5 maths lessons a week, allowing children time to progress and gain confidence within the subject.  As well as this, cross-curricular teaching allows Maths to be discretely taught through Science, Foundation subjects and Outdoor Education, when possible.


Our aim is that all children should know all of their times tables to x12 by the time they reach the end of Year Four, this starts in Foundation Stage with number bonds.When children recall these facts  it is expected that there is no thinking time. When this is achieved it opens the door to a whole new world of numeracy:  e.g. 80 x 70 is easy to do if you know 8 x 7.

As the children pass through the school they will focus on different number bonds and times tables suitable for their year group. Children will practise these as part of their maths lesson and have regular tests. In Year Five and Six children will continue to practise their times tables as it is a fundamental aspect of their mathematics skills, they will take on times tables challenges once they are secure with all facts.  Please ask your child what their times tables focus is and help them practise!

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