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Modern Languages

At Hungerford Primary Academy we believe that the teaching of a foreign language helps children to develop enthusiastic and positive attitudes to language learning. Teaching raises awareness of their own language as well as allowing them to make comparisons with a language that is new to them, enriching their understanding of both.

Through the teaching of French in years 3-6 the children are able to build their communication skills by focusing on the key areas of language learning: speaking and listening skills, reading and writing skills and knowledge about grammar. Vocabulary is taught through games, videos and songs with opportunities to listen to native speakers, lessons then allow the children to apply what they have learned by using the language in both its spoken and written forms.

Another important aspect of teaching in modern foreign languages is the opportunity to foster a sense of cultural understanding, through their lesson’s children will learn about different aspects of French culture, the culture of France itself but also other countries where the language is spoken.


To experience a range of activities, including songs, rhymes and games, which provide a stimulated and varied approach to language learning

To apply their learning by creating phrases and sentences.

To begin to recognise and read words that they have already encountered in the development of their speaking skills.

To develop the ability to recognise rules or patterns in a new language and relate it to their existing understanding of their own language(s).

To gain an understanding of another culture and learn to look at things from another person’s perspective and appreciate the diversity of languages spoken within the school.