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At Hungerford Primary Academy, we believe that art gives us unlimited opportunities to further stimulate creativity and imagination in children.  Through the disciplines of drawing, painting, designing and making, our children will acquire important communication and making skills that significantly contribute to their learning in other areas of the primary school curriculum.

Aims and Scope

  1. To introduce children to a wide range of tools and techniques to enable them to record from observation, experience and imagination.
  2. To provide children with a variety of starting points for their own work.
  3. To improve children’s awareness of visual and tactile elements of art and design, and to develop their understanding of:  Line, Colour, Form, Texture, Printing and Pattern.
  4. To teach children about the differences and similarities of:  Artists, Designers and Craftmakers from different cultures and time periods.
  5. The ability to reflect on, analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others.


We recognise the importance of providing effective learning opportunities for all pupils to achieve within The Arts. We aim to set suitable learning challenges, respond to pupil’s diverse learning needs and overcome potential barriers to learning for individuals and groups of pupils in accordance with Hungerford Primary Academy’s inclusion policy.

Please view our Arts Subject Policy