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Resource Provision

We are pleased that our Resource Provision class at school is thriving. The Resource Provision children have their own classroom and have safe relationships with the staff members. The designated teaching space for seven pupils has been designed to meet the needs of our students, to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe in their environment.

Resource Provision is made up of one main teaching space, a Cosy Cafe space and a Chill Out Zone with a Sensory Den. We can deliver a personalised curriculum, specialist interventions and support children to develop their self-regulation and resilience. We acknowledge that at different times, social and emotional factors can impact on our pupils’ learning potential. The interventions that we can provide through Therapeutic Inclusion for individuals and small groups can really unlock a child’s potential.

Ms Whiston (Inclusion Manager) and Mrs Gartside (RP Lead) are committed to supporting these children in overcoming any barriers to learning in a safe, structured and supportive environment.

Resource Provision policy