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Special Educational Needs And Disabilities (SEND)

Hungerford Primary Academy’s school offer for Special Educational Needs and/or Disabillity is consistent with the Cheshire East Local Authority offer. The local offer includes information about the support and provision that families can expect from a wide range of agencies for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities from birth to 25 years old.

Statement of intent for supporting Equality of Opportunity
At Hungerford Primary Academy, we are committed to equality. We aim for every pupil to fulfil their potential no matter what their needs. Our School is committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity and valuing diversity for all children and families. We aim to:

  • Provide a secure and accessible environment in which all our children can fulfil their potential and in which all contributions are considered and valued.
  • Include and value the contribution of all families to our understanding of equality and diversity.
  • Provide positive non-stereotyping information about gender roles, diverse ethnic and cultural groups and people with SEN/D.
  • Improve our knowledge and understanding of issues of anti-discriminatory practice, promoting equality and valuing diversity.
  • Make inclusion a thread that runs through all of the activities of the school.

Hungerford Primary Academy is committed to the inclusion of all members of our community and fully supports every child regardless of their level of need. There are numerous ways in which we ensure that can occur, some of which are listed below:

  • Ensure that all teaching staff are aware of and sensitive to the needs of all pupils, teaching pupils in a way that is appropriate and matched to their needs and learning styles.
  • Work in close partnership with parents/ carers and relevant external agencies in order to provide for children’s special educational needs and disabilities.
  • To identify at the earliest opportunity, any potential barriers to learning as well as the strategies that will support learning.
  • To make suitable provision for children with SEND to fully develop their abilities, interests and aptitudes and gain maximum access to the curriculum.
  • Regular reviewing and monitoring of progress against SMART targets at least termly, using a range of assessment strategies, including PIVATs and FAGUS.
  • Ensure that all children with SEND are fully included in all activities of the school in order to promote the highest levels of achievement.
  • To promote self-worth and enthusiasm by encouraging independence at all age and ability levels.
  • To regularly review the policy and practice in order to achieve best practice.

Statutory Requirements
Please view the attached SEN/D Information Report and follow the link below to the Local Authority’s offer. https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/livewell/local-offer-for-children-with-sen-and-disabilities/what-is-the-local-offer/what-is-the-local-offer.aspx

Hungerford Primary Academy SEND Information Report 2020
Hungerford Primary Academy SEND policy

This policy complies with the statutory requirement laid out in the SEND Code of Practice 0 – 25 (DfE 2015) 3.65 and has been written with reference to the following guidance and documents:

  • Equality Act 2010: advice for schools (DfE Feb 2013)
  • SEND Code of Practice 0 – 25 (DfE April 2015)
  • Schools SEN Information Report Regulations (2014)
  • Statutory Guidance on Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions (April 2014)
  • The National Curriculum in England Key Stage 1 and 2 framework document (Sept 2013)
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Accessibility Plan
  • Teachers Standards 2012
  • This policy was created by the school’s SENDCO with the SEN Governor in liaison with the SLT, staff and parents of pupils with SEND.

Inclusion policy