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Vision, Values and Ethos

Vision and Values

At Hungerford Primary Academy…

  • We endeavour to instil happiness, curiosity and a love of learning through a supportive, challenging and safe environment.
  • We aspire to nurture the whole child, instilling confidence and resilience, whilst providing the building blocks for all children to achieve their full potential.
  • We aim to shape individuals to become tolerant and empathetic members of the community, to create successful healthy relationships with others and to understand their place in the world around them.

We expect that all members of The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust respect and model these values.

Our core values are represented through the acronym: PEACE


These values form the basis of initial discussions with all prospective employees of the St. Bart’s Academies.


We are privileged to be working in education, where we have the ability to profoundly change children’s lives; this means that the stakes are incredibly high.

Our aim is always to provide for the pupils of our Academies what we would want for our own children.


All staff have a duty and responsibility to be encouraging and supportive of each other.

All our schools have a “can do” culture where excuses are never tolerated.


Embodied in the Trust motto, “Achieving schools and caring communities”.

All academy members are expected to aim for excellence in their individual professional roles.


In the best traditions of the profession all staff are prepared to go the extra mile to provide the best possible education for their pupils.

The interests of children are paramount and guide all that we seek to do and achieve.


The time children spend in education is precious.

We have a responsibility to ensure that every moment a child is in a St. Bart’s Academy they enjoy learning and strive hard to achieve well and fulfil their maximum potential.



In September 2018 we joined the St.Barts Academy Trust of schools and we strive to release the potential of all of our pupils.