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Mental Health & Wellbeing


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Mental health and well-being support in at Hungerford

External agency support: Children


ELSAs are Emotional Literacy Support Assistants. The role of the ELSA within Hungerford is to enable children to feel safe and secure in order that they can reach their full potential. Our aim is to develop confident, resilient and emotionally literate young people who are able to fully access their learning successfully.




ELSAs can help with the following:

Loss and Bereave


Self esteem

Social skills

Emotional literacy

Relationships / Friendships


All children will face challenges throughout their lives. The impact that these challenges can have will vary according to a wide range of circumstances. The ELSA’s role is to build positive relationships, enabling the child to feel safe enough to explore their feelings and thoughts. Through this process, the child will become equipped with the skills they need to be successful in all areas.

External agency support: Adults